Your responses are encouraging and suggest that you are understanding, supporting, and embracing your sensitivity pretty well – well done!

You’re comfortable with the natural rhythm of your emotions, and while you experience the world more intensely than many, you manage to maintain your equilibrium most of the time and are coming to really view your sensitivity as a strength!

You may have some strategies in place to understand, support, and embrace your sensitivity, and could benefit from more structured guidance to fully bloom.

Being highly sensitive means that your system is attuned to subtleties, which can sometimes make everything feel intense!

High sensitivity is both innate (meaning you’re born with it) and the result of the compounding results of modern life, stress, and trauma. When we don’t understand the function of high sensitivity, we actually may unknowingly create environments for it to just increase with its negative aspects! Ugh!

High sensitivity is simply just greater access to the subtle aspects of life, and when we may see it for what it truly is, everything changes.

As you continue on this journey, there are still beautiful depths to explore.

For example, the most life-changing insight on my journey as a highly sensitive person was in coming to understand high sensitivity through the lens of nature’s energies. By aligning with nature’s rhythms, you can create a lifestyle that nurtures and sustains your sensitive self.

Additionally, embracing your uniqueness and shedding any residual shame around your needs is crucial. You have the opportunity to lead by example, showing that when one honors and supports their sensitive nature with proper self-care and alignment with nature’s rhythms, they can thrive.

As highly sensitive individuals, we are called to be agents of change, guardians of depth and gentleness.

Our presence is a reminder of the importance of simpler, more natural ways of living, rooted in love and empathy.

What support might you need in order to cherish this gift and use it to serve your highest potential and create a more compassionate, sustainable, and nurturing world for all? Just like a well-nurtured garden in spring, your sensitivity can be allowed to truly flourish.


Here’s what you may do next on your journey towards letting your sensitivity shine…


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